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Not all dragons breathe fire and horde treasure, some have a real thing for artifacts, rare books, and magical creatures.

I’d given myself and Sisu twelve days to get settled into our new life before tackling my first official day as the head archivist of the magical archives at the National Museum of Ireland.

Our new kitchen was under construction, with the electrical and plumbing upgrades in the main rooms of the estate well on the way. I knew how and where to buy groceries, and had arranged a tutor for Sisu.

Totally under control.
Perfectly planned and executed, my to-do list had held strong through our transition into living among the Adepts of Dublin. With our secret identities firmly in place.

And then someone started releasing magical artifacts into the city, wreaking havoc on the witches and the werewolves. With me stuck in the middle, trying to sort it out with as few fatalities as possible. All while neutralizing the misused artifacts in question.

Thankfully, I was a quick learner.

And pretty damn indestructible.

Though the guardian dragons weren’t going to be pleased by a few of my more creative choices when it came to the care and keeping of magical … well, magical anything. But that was my job.

Even, as some might say, my vocation.

I was the Archivist of the Modern World, after all.

Invoking Infinity is the first novel in the Archivist series, which is set in the same universe as the Dowser, Oracle, Reconstructionist, Amplifier, and Misfits of the Adept Universe series. While it is not necessary to read all the series, in order to avoid spoilers the ideal reading order of the Adept Universe begins with Cupcakes, Trinkets, and Other Deadly Magic (Dowser 1).

Reading order of the Archivist Series:
•Awakening Infinity (Archivist 0)
•Invoking Infinity (Archivist 1)