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Libro: Disgraced Autor: D. L. Harrison Género: Inglés Páginas: Valoración:
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Princess Luna was celebrating her sixteenth birthday, the day she was acknowledged as a full adult. It meant being added to the succession. It also meant duty, as she’d likely be married off for her father’s political gain.

Except, the rulers of the vassal kingdoms in the empire were unable to rule if they had magic. No one was more surprised than she was to find out she had the potential for ink sorcery. That changed everything for her, and her expected future went up in smoke as she faces the unknown.

A time of change was coming. Not for just Luna, but for the empire itself as an old threat rises in the east again. The monstrous races in the wastelands are on the move. But in a new way, a way no one sees coming, until it’s far too late.

Note: This epic fantasy book is told in third person limited from Luna’s point of view, but there are also other smaller parts as this epic tale unfolds.