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After the EMP, are you ready for war?

A year has passed since a catastrophic EMP devastated the nation, leaving survivors scrambling for their lives in a dangerous, powerless world.

Mike is a survivor. But after the tragic events of the last book, he has a new goal in mind: revenge. Revenge against those who attacked his people. Revenge against those who took the lives of those he cared about. Revenge at any cost.

But revenge isn't going to be easy. Especially not in a mad world where even the elements are working against him...

Will Mike rally his people to victory against a treacherous old foe? Or will this deeply personal battle prove a deadly step too far for everyone?

After the EMP... expect the unexpected.

Fight For Survival is the sixth book in the Into the Dark post-apocalyptic thriller series from Ryan Casey, author of The World After and Blackout. If you enjoy stories of ordinary people thrown into devastating new circumstances, you'll love Into the Dark.