Descargar Terror Obscura, de Kevin McLaughlin, Michael Anderle

Libro: Terror Obscura Autor: Kevin McLaughlin, Michael Anderle Género: Inglés Páginas: Valoración:
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Dragons have ruled the world for millennia. Kristen Hall is dealing with culture shock.

Note: This book was previously published as part of the megabook Steel Dragon 2.

When marauding dragons bring their fighting to a small human town, it is a case for the Dragon SWAT.

Kristen has a problem with the handling of the case.

Her human understanding of justice clashes with the dragons’ methods of dealing with the case.

Kristen’s past will not let go…

The mysterious woman with anti-dragon weaponry gets in her way again during a boring routine mission.

Will Kristen manage to convince her fellow Dragon SWAT that the balance between humanity and the dragons is in jeopardy?