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Shattered Souls is the first book in an epic fantasy trilogy.

Join Blaine and his friends as they explore the world of Krajina and work to save it!

Blaine always dreamed of being a hero and would do anything to see that dream come true. Working to help free the Forgehearts from a life of slavery and servitude, he thinks he's on the right path. But when a monster from his nightmares begins hunting him and his companions, Blaine's life is turned upside down, and he questions if he will ever become the hero he aspires to be.

Pursued by people he thought he could trust and the Shard—a dark creature summoned from another world—Blaine and his friends go searching for answers. Trying to uncover secrets of the Shard, they uncover truths about themselves, the world, and the gods that puts their entire world in danger.