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A relic from the past forces Reeves and Kane to embark on their most dangerous mission yet.

Having witnessed the seemingly unconquerable power of the Progenitors first hand, Commander Reeves and Major Kane have an opportunity to tilt the balance of war in their favor. And they intend to take it, no matter the risk or the cost.

Despite the setback at the Progenitor world, Reeves is determined to find the ‘smoking gun’ that proves the Sa’Nerra are acting under the influence of an ancient power. Only then can he unite the realms against their common enemy.

But in order to achieve this, Reeves must pierce the veil of Shadow Space and discover the true scale of the alien armada. The problem is that no living being has entered the shadow realm and lived to tell the tale.

A clue from the past leads Reeves and Kane to Deep Six, a former mining colony in the notorious Far Deep Nine system. In addition to being the only place in the galaxy that’s more dangerous than Concord Station, it also contains a relic from humanity’s past that could be crucial to ensuring its future.

Unfortunately for Reeves, in addition to thousands of murders, criminals and degenerates, Deep Six is also crawling with zealots from Serena Shepard’s New Earth Movement. And she still wants his head on a platter.

Despite the odds being against them, Reeves and Kane have no choice but to enter Deep Six and search for the artefact. Without it, Reeves is powerless to affect the course of the war – a war that not only threatens humanity, but trillions of lives across all six galactic realms.