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Descend Into Darkness

Forced into a world of violence and destruction, young Mika Plum's formative years are forged in a fire of trauma and battle. But what part of humanity must a young woman sacrifice to survive the horrors of war?

Living an idyllic life in the town of Yevera, Mika and Page Briarhart shared an innocent love. But her carefree life was shattered by the unprovoked brutality of a marauding necromancer army, leaving her once proud town a blood-soaked wasteland. Now a penniless refugee, Mika is burdened with the haunting memory of a mother's death, a childhood love now lost, and a home put to the torch.

What she doesn't know is that she also carries within her a secret smoldering ember poised to ignite a terrible destiny that will scorch the world. Haunted by the past, and unable to control her violent urges, Mika is coerced to commit unthinkable acts by Liranda, a deity obsessed with human depravity and corruption.

Manipulating Mika's broken mind to unleash her true desires and powers, the young woman will stop at nothing to unite the war-torn region of Celeste.