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A dark ritual beneath the moon heralds the return of the dragons!

Euddán, a young man, will brave any dangers to save those he loves. When his mother is dying, he throws himself into the Dark Woods. A dangerous, cursed place where shadowy monster prowl.

But Euddán won't let that stop him from finding the cure.

Alone in the dark, he finds a mysterious creature. Made of light, scared of the monsters around them, she is his only salvation. The only way to save his mother.

But his mother's not the only person he loves in danger. Vounée, his childhood friend is the daughter of a dark wizard. A man feared by all. Everyone turns a blind eye to his cruel abuse of the young woman.

Even Euddán.

But when her father conducts a dark ritual with her as a sacrifice, Euddán can no longer stomach it. He will brave powers beyond his control to save the girl he loves and disrupt the plans of deadly cabal decades in the making.

Saving the girl will anger powerful wizards dedicated to returning the dread dragons to this world.

Can Euddán and Vounée survive their deadly designs and the shadow of the dragon lurking in her very soul?

You have to read this exciting coming-of-age fantasy adventure for the great characters and imaginative words.

But it now!