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Life’s looking up for this witch!

Selene made it through her first months at Hale Hall with her sense of humor intact. She’s now a witch, a Guardian against the malicious fae, and way more savvy about the supernatural than when she arrived.

Even her dashing boss Cullen has come around. Literally. He’s spending more time at the castle than ever before and asking her to dinner every chance he gets. Selene loves the attention but not the complication. Cullen’s mortal. He has no idea his late aunt was a witch, that Selene is one, too, or that Hale Hall is the last bastion on earth against marauding magical invaders.

Should she tell him?

A sure way to squash a budding romance.

As Selene weighs her options, another corpse crops up at the castle. This time, a neighbor bites the dust in the garden. When a utility worker finds the body, it’s stuck half in and half out of a portal to the magical world. Selene’s got to think fast to explain that away, and then faster still to solve the crime and keep forceful Sheriff Fitts off the grounds and out of the picture.

Meanwhile, the cat that creeps around Rowena’s bedroom might be magical, a random castle window might lead to other worlds, and dead witches might resurrect at will.

What’s drawing all the crazy to Hale Hall?

And how can a middle-aged mom and brand-new witch push it back where it belongs, anywhere but here?