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Libro: Magic and Mayhem Autor: Sara Bourgeois Género: Inglés Páginas: Valoración:
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Years ago, body-piercer Esmerelda disappeared from Lilith’s tattoo shop, Graphomancy. Unknown to Lil, Esmerelda has been continually abducted, injured, and then left for dead. The assailant leaves no clues behind, other than threatening messages. Despite constantly changing names, jobs, and locations, the mysterious kidnapper always finds Esmerelda. Police no longer believe the man even exists, and Esmerelda’s psychiatrist ex-husband had diagnosed her as an attention-seeking fraud.

Esmerelda has returned to Graphomancy, determined to make a stand. Lilith, a witch, and Jen, her apprentice, are convinced that there is a real culprit out there. But like law enforcement, Esmerelda’s attacker seems to know their every move before they make it. Darren Byrne, private eye, has taken on the case as well. He’s determined that the abductions are related to a secret society who attack during major celestial events. With an alignment of all the visible planets nigh, Esmerelda is nearly out of time. Can Jen and Lil save her from this superhuman foe before he finally finishes his fiendish work?