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Healing Tea is the thirteenth novel in the bestselling Tea Series. With over 250,000 copies sold, the series serves up fast, fun reads full of action, romance, and laughs. A fresh take on the serial novel, not every mystery is solved at the end of the day—or at the end of the book. Each installment keeps you coming back for more!

Cara’s world has been shattered by the death of her mother and the loss of her unborn child. She cries herself empty…until at last her mom’s voice comes through: “’Tis the hardest thing you will ever do, love, but you must put one foot in front of the other. Remember how to smile. Then remember how to laugh.” So when Adeline offers to plan a secret getaway, Cara and A.J. accept. And in the city that never sleeps, wedding chapels wait on every corner… Is it finally time for Cara to build her own little family and home? Awash with happy tears, Healing Tea is a balm for the soul and a beautiful reminder of how grief can transform into joy.